Caroline Decourt

Name:  Caroline Decourt

Mentor: Massimiliano Beltramo

Academic Affiliation: French National Institute for Agricultural Research, Nouzilly, France

I give interest for animal reproduction research during training on artificial insemination in horses. My story with kisspeptin started in 2008 when I performed my PhD studies under the supervision of Alain Caraty and Christine Briant at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). During that period, I first explored the localization of kisspeptin neurons and theirs interactions with GnRH neuronal system in equine hypothalamus. Using kisspeptin administration I also explored the possibility to triggers ovulation in mares under different physiological conditions. This work allowed me to obtain my PhD with full honor. Passionate by this research subject I continue my work on kisspeptin and extended to RFRP-3 during my post-doctorate in the team of Massimiliano Beltramo. My present research on kisspeptin focuses on evaluating the possibility to manage livestock reproduction with kisspeptin analogs. By working in collaboration with a group of peptide chemists of the CNRS I take part to the development of a drug discovery program to generate kisspeptin analogs. This effort has already lead to the identification of an analog capable of synchronizing/inducing ovulations in small ruminant during the breeding and nonbreeding season after a single injection. Moreover this analog can advance puberty in prepubertal female mice.  I presented these results at national and international congress and I received a young investigator price for the best oral communication.

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